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* Requirements:
  You must put files in following locations: 
  - in jni/ :
    - libcamlrun.a for Android archtecture
    - libcamltop.c, which is the ocaml toplevel bytecode embedded in a .c file
  - in assets/ocaml-stdlib :
    - stdlib/*.cm[ai]  

* Generating libcamlrun.a:
  Follow the instructions at http://sites.google.com/site/keigoattic/ocaml-on-android

* Generating libocamltop.c :
  1. Add the following lines to Makefile in the top level directory of OCaml distribution:
ocaml_toplevel_lib: $(TOPOBJS)
	$(CAMLC) $(LINKFLAGS) -linkall -output-obj -o libocamltop.c $(TOPOBJS)
    (be aware of a TAB)

  2. type `make ocaml_toplevel_lib'

* (Option) To re-generate the header file for JNI:  
  javah -classpath bin jp.co.itpl.ocamlandroid.Native