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Mentronome Desktop

Meditation measurement application. Talks to Neurosky Mindwave over socket and saves data to Mentronome site. See http://www.mentronome.com/help for further details.

Released under the Mozilla Public License 2.0 (MPL-2.0)

To run on your platform

Detailed Installation on Mac OS 10.8 (Mountain Lion)

  1. Perform following instructions from the command line via a Mac Terminal. Indicated with > or different font
  2. Install Homebrew for Mac. Follow instructions at http://mxcl.github.io/homebrew/
  3. brew install python

  4. /usr/local/bin/pip install numpy

  5. /usr/local/bin/pip install requests

  6. brew install sdl

  7. brew install sdl_gfx sdl_image sdl_mixer sdl_ttf portmidi

  8. /usr/local/bin/pip install hg+http://bitbucket.org/pygame/pygame

  9. Download the source code from https://bitbucket.org/RonanOD/mentronome_desktop/
  10. Unzip locally and open a new terminal window.
  11. cd (change directory) to the unzipped folder.
  12. python mentro.py
  13. If prompted to, go to http://xquartz.macosforge.org/ and install XQuartz
  14. Log back in and repeat step 12

License thanks

Version History

  • 0.0.3 : Added Help button. Fixed start date to local time. Expanded calm switchover to 4 seconds.
  • 0.0.2 : Mac client support.
  • 0.0.1 : First alpha version.