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remove references to bzr

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 * history view
 * fs branches <> clones
-  * shared data support ( bzr ? )
 * semantic branches <> bookmarks/git branches
 * checkouts of semantic branches in repos
 * pull/push granularity repo vs set of branches vs branch

File anyvc/metadata.py

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 aliases = {
     'svn': 'subversion',
-    'bzr': 'bazaar',
     'hg': 'mercurial',
 backends = {
     'mercurial': 'anyvc.mercurial',
-    'bazaar': 'anyvc.bazaar',
     'git': 'anyvc.git',
     'subversion': 'anyvc.subversion'

File docs/backends/index.rst

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 Repository support is implemented in terms of Dulwich, cause its supported and the better 'api'.
-The Bazaar backend is implemented in terms of bzrlib.
-It is to be considered as 'passes the tests' not as first class citizen

File docs/readme.rst

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 :mercurial: mercurial>=1.2
 :subversion: subvertpy
 :git: dulwich
-:bazaar: bzr>=1.16

File docs/roadmap.rst

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 VCS      Workdir Repo    histbrowse branchman
 ======== ======= ======= ========== =========
 hg       yes     partial no         no
-bzr      yes     partial no         no
 svn      yes     partial no         no
 git      messy   partial no         no
 ======== ======= ======= ========== =========

File setup.py

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         'mercurial': ['mercurial'],
-        'bazaar': ['bzr'],
         'git': ['dulwich'],
         'subversion': ['subvertpy'],
         'remoting': ['execnet'],

File stdeb.cfg

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 Depends: python-codespeak-lib (>= 1.3.1), mercurial, git
-Recommends: python-dulwich, python-subvertpy, bzr
+Recommends: python-dulwich, python-subvertpy
 XS-Python-Version: >=2.5

File tests/test_checkout.py

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 import anyvc
 example_remotes = {
-    'bzr': 'lp:vellum',
     'mercurial': 'http://bitbucket.org/hpk42/apipkg/',
     'git': 'git://github.com/',
     'subversion': 'http+svn://bitbucket.org/hpk42/apipkg/trunk',

File tox.ini

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 #codechecks = pep8 pyflakes
-    hg-16, hg-17, hg-18, hg-19, hg-20, hg-21, git, svn, bzr-ve
+    hg-16, hg-17, hg-18, hg-19, hg-20, hg-21, git, svn
-    {defaults$deps}
-    bzr