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    some basic metadata about vcs states and other fun

    .. warning::

      this module is subject to huge changes

def _(str):
    #XXX: gettext
    return str

state_descriptions = dict(
    #XXX: finish, validate
    unknown=_("not known to the vcs"),
    ignored=_("ignored by the vcs"),
    clean=_("known by the vcs and unchanged"),
    modified=("changed in the workdir"),
    missing=_("removed from the workdir, still recorded"),
    removed=_("removed by deletion or renaming"),
    conflicte=_("merge conflict")

aliases = {
    'svn': 'subversion',
    'hg': 'mercurial',

# known implementations

backends = {
    'mercurial': 'anyvc.mercurial',
    'git': 'anyvc.git',
    'subversion': 'anyvc.subversion'

def get_backends(limit_to=None, features=None):
    :param limit_to:
        optional list of backends to try,
        will use all if use is none
    :type limit_to: list of string or None

    a generator over all known backends
    features = set(features or ())
    use = limit_to or backends
    for backend in use:
            backend = get_backend(backend)
            if backend.features.issuperset(features):
                yield backend
        except ImportError:

def get_backend(vcs, use_remote=False):
    module = backends[vcs]

    if use_remote:
        if use_remote is True:
            use_remote = 'popen'
        from anyvc.remote import RemoteBackend
        return RemoteBackend(vcs, module, use_remote)
        from anyvc.backend import Backend
        return Backend(vcs, module)