apipkg / CHANGELOG

- Allow to import from Aliasmodules  (thanks Ralf Schmitt)
- avoid loading __doc__ early, so ApiModule is now fully lazy


- copy __doc__ and introduce a new argument to initpkg()
  (thanks Ralf Schmitt)

- don't use a "0" default for __version__


- make apipkg memorize the absolute path where a package starts
  importing so that subsequent chdir + imports won't break. 

- allow to alias modules

- allow to use dotted names in alias specifications (thanks Ralf


- fix recursive import issue resulting in a superflous KeyError 
- default to __version__ '0' and not set __loader__ or __path__ at all if it
  doesn't exist on the underlying init module


- fixed
- also transfer __loader__ attribute (thanks Ralf Schmitt) 
- compat fix for BPython 

1.0.0b3 (compared to 1.0.0b2)

- added special __onfirstaccess__ attribute whose value will 
  be called on the first attribute access of an apimodule.