1. Ronny Pfannschmidt
  2. distutils2


distutils2 / CHANGES.txt


1.0a3 - ?

- Provided a Tox configuration for cross-python testing [holger]
- Fixed the installation when using easy_install and Pip by switching
  setup.py to distutils1 [holger/tarek]
- Added missing c/h files in the MANIFEST so they are always present
  no matter which python version was used to build it. [holger/tarek]
- Added the new setup reunner that uses only setup.cfg

1.0a2 - 2010-09-10

- Add a converter for distutils/setuptools-based setup scripts [tarek]
- Factor out MANIFEST[.in] support into disutils2.manifest [tarek]
- Implement pkgutil APIs described in PEP 376 [josip]
- Add PEP 376 .dist-info support in Distribute [josip]
- Add distutils2.depgraph, a dependency graph builder [josip]
- Add a mock server to test network-using code [alexis, konrad]
- Add distutils2.index, a comprehensive subpackage to query PyPI [alexis]
- Add 2to3 support to the build command [zubin]
- Enhance the check command (sanity tests) [konrad]
- Make sdist include source files used by other commands [jeremy]
- Change install_egg_info to install_distinfo (PEP 376) [josip]
- Import the upload_docs command from distribute [konrad]
- Add a test command [konrad]
- Add post and pre-hooks for build and install [konrad]
- Remove PyPIRCCommand, move its helper code into util [tarek]
- Remove Mac OS 9 support [éric]
- Start adding docstrings to interface methods [jeremy]
- Move documentation from the stdlib [ali, éric]
- Lots of bug fixes, cleanups, tests [everyone]

1.0a1 - 2010-05-06

- Initial import from the stdlib [tarek]
- Add support for PEP 386 in distutils2.version [tarek]
- Add support for PEP 345 in distutils2.metadata [tarek]
- Add mkpkg, a helper script to create a setup.py [sean]
- Remove bdist_rpm command [tarek]
- Add some PEP 376 functions to pkgutil [michael]
- Add distutils2.util.find_packages [tarek]