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Gazpacho-0.7.2 28-Jul-2007
- Saner and cleaner way to handle gadget dependencies (Mattias)
- Allow continue use of Gazpacho after a non fatal crash (Johan)
- Default serializer is now GtkBuilder 100% compatible (Johan)
- Lot's of bug fixes:
  #344010, #42393, #422259, #405779 and #361009

Gazpacho-0.7.1 17-Mar-2007
- New --version command line option
- Keybindings for recent files in the File Menu
- UIEditor cleanups and bug fixes
- Support for CustomProperty change notifications
- Plugin framework improvements
- Show property descriptions as tooltips in the editor
- Lot's of bug fixes:
  #357486: support for python 2.5
  #407828: more checks in d'n'd code
  #381195: revert default action group name

Gazpacho-0.7.0 26-Nov-2006
- New menu editor
- Support UI customization
- TreeView support
- Commands rework
- Plugins support
- Refactoring (app, property editor, filewriter, gettext)
- Rename gazpacho.widget to gazpacho.gadget
- Improve support for GtkImage
- Improve support for GtkSizeGroups
- GtkTable improvements
- Add infrastructure for GtkBuilder support
- Lot's of bug fixes:
  #344682: Avoid dropping widgets inside its children
  #330652: Add GtkWidget::response-id support (still incomplete)
  #343283: Problems with catalogs
  #340837: Sort stock icons
  #342381: Set the value column to editable
  #342302: Undo radio button group changes
  #332224: Radio buttons and size groups issues
  #336911: More issues with radio buttons and undo
  #332626: Only look for mapped widgets in selection code
  #337273: Problems when cutting and pasting bars
  #341427, #341426 and #341425: Update translations
  #315529: Get internal children when iterating in a container
  #341428: Don't mark the workspace title as translatable
  #324106: Don't crash when dragging radio buttons between projects
  #354051: Copying labels with mnemonic widgets
  #354053: Dragging widgets between Gazpacho instances

Gazpacho-0.6.6 03-May-2006
- Now depends on kiwi
- Improved selection
- Refactoring (menus, dnd)
- Lot's of bug fixes:
  #329120: The widget tree isn't updated when the widget name changes
  #330180: Project: widget dict isn't updated after name changes
  #330459: Disable preview action
  #168412: [PATCH] Opening a glade file containing a Gnome Canvas pr...
  #319514: Crash when editing a menubar's name
  #326342: Child properties are confused with normal
  #329094: IndexError: list index out of range
  #329881: AttributeError: 'GtkLabel::label' object ha...
  #329914: Dialog: properties not saved correctly
  #329916: Box: changing size should remove placeholders first
  #330069: Bars: crash when editing ui definitions
  #330775: prop_registry.override_simple bug
  #332225: Dialog: border width property of the vbox should be hidden
  #332243: Patch: better default values for a few widgets
  #332607: TypeError: messagedialog() got an unexpected k...
  #333018: TypeError: GtkContainer.add() argument 1 ...
  #333034: TypeError: iter should be a GtkTreeIter
  #333043: Crash when changing names of two widgets
  #334460: Crash when opening an invalid glade file
  #334905: Missing signal from glade file
  #335156: [patch] installs $datadir/catalogs/base.xml to t...
  #335908: Traceback trying to enter U+2022 with Shift+Ctrl in the I...
  #336547: Show active project in project menu
  #336979: loader should create accelerator for action having a stoc...
  #336994: signal_autoconnect should(?) ignore signals missing from ...
  #337094: disable project property menu when no project
  #338340: UnicodeDecodeError: 'utf8' codec can't decode ...
  #338465: AttributeError: 'NoneType' object has no attr...
  #339635: Notebook: page isn't updated when selecting widgets

Gazpacho-0.6.5 27-January-2006
- Object support to the signal editor
- Make widgets visible by default
- Copy/Paste naming improvements
- Updated translations (Rafael Villar Burke)
- Smaller toolbar by default
- Add a workspace widget, disabled by default (Johan, Havoc Pennington)
- Drag and drop from the palette
- Recent project bug fixes
- Major code refactoring and renaming
- Optimizations, especially running the test suite should be faster
- Bugs fixed (Gustavo Carneiro, Johan, Mattias)
  #316574: External widgets problems..
  #326009: Drag and drop doesn't always work from the palette
  #326010: The dragged widget isn't selected after extending a box
  #311649: SignalEditor: connect_object support
  #314098: Actions and action groups aren't always saved
  #315625: GtkToolbar: better property support in loader
  #318528: GtkAction: properties are saved translated
  #318601: Delete action isn't disabled after deleting a placeholder...
  #321971: GtkDialog: buttons are sometimes lost
  #326668: Recently used projects buggy
  #326724: GtkWidget: visible should be default
  #326989: Add a worktable widget
  #327071: Allow using libraries without adaptors
  #327115: Box: problems with deleting placeholders
  #327849: Button: name is changed when adding a stock icon + crash
  #327973: DnD: error when undoing a drag extend
  #328669: IOError: [Errno 9] Bad file descriptor
  #328670: AttributeError: 'NoneType' object has no attri...

Gazpacho-0.6.4 10-January-2006
- Bugs fixed (Ross Burton, Johan, Mattias), 
  #304392: Gazpacho doesn't respect max/min values (Johan)
  #317901: Cannot create GtkFontButton (Ross Burton)
  #320527: Number of pages in a notebook.. (Mattias)
  #325851: InternalChildTest occasionally fails (Johan)
  #326027: The paste action isn't enabled.. (Mattias)
  #326043: Undo/redo text for 'insert before' (Mattias)
  #326048: Send Bugreport on Windows XP crashes (Johan)
  #326105: It should not be possible to add windows (Mattias)

Gazpacho-0.6.3 5-January-2006
- GtkComboBox fixes (Zeeshan)
- GtkTable fixes (Johan)
- Copy/Paste (Mattias)
- Drag-n-drop (Mattias)
- Much improved tests (Johan)
- GtkSizeGroup support (Johan, Mattias)
- UI improvments (Johan, Mattias)
- Various refactoring (Johan)
- API Documentation (Johan)
- Support is-important and short-label (Mike)
- Bugs fixed (Zeeshan, Johan, Mattias, Kalle Vahlman, Mike Gratton):
  #172717: GtkSizeGroup support
  #307363: TraceBack parsing a .glade
  #313170: Patch: Project should not be marked as changed when undon...
  #313516: Bug report improvements
  #313529: Loading a glade file containing modal dialogs breaks the ...
  #313771: Crash on 2005-08-17 19:05
  #314040: Exception when redoing a toolbar creation
  #314041: DnD for toobars and menubars doesn't work
  #314111: Dragging widgets between different boxes doesn't work
  #314196: Undoing cutting a toolbar sometimes raises an exception
  #314581: Dragging a widget to an internal placeholder
  #315423: Missing properties for GtkWindow
  #315444: Property 'active' of GtkComboBox not loaded correctly
  #315747: About dialog can't find COPYING doc
  #315802: Crash on 2005-08-23 10:48
  #315880: Crash on 2005-09-09 19:30
  #315982: Cannot load SJ glade file
  #316062: GtkButton's 'image' is not loaded
  #316083: Needed patch for the HildonFindToolbar
  #316196: enum_class is None in get_choices()
  #316388: Images of buttons should not be selectable
  #316416: Opening the same glade file twice
  #316532: Crash after deleting a placeholder in a table
  #316785: Widget names with underscores cause weird accelerator und...
  #316980: Configurable stock item sizes for GtkButton
  #317079: Undo/Redo broken for GtkButton
  #317372: Error when redoing toolbar creation
  #317404: Setting certain stock-ids for Actions raises an exception
  #317807: A small syntax problem
  #317896: Selecting a recent file from the file menu list throws an...
  #318321: Crash on 2005-10-09 00:49
  #318351: It shouldn't be possible to add two actions with the same...
  #318622: install on Fedora core 4 x86_64
  #320617: Crash on 2005-11-03 15:26
  #320798: Problem when deleting a menu/toolbar parent
  #321621: Crash on 2005-11-16 10:41
  #321849: AttributeError: 'NoneType' object has no attri...
  #321953: widgets in a table have no row/column span settings avail...
  #322081: Crash on 2005-11-21 22:02
  #322336: gazpacho.desktop is not valid
  #322458: Crash on 2005-11-25 14:30
  #322535: Crash on 2005-11-26 23:34
  #322923: Gazpacho crashes on MS-Windows with Python 2.4
  #323051: AttributeError: 'CommandManager' objec...
  #323231: UI Manager related refactoring
  #323305: Using removed UI widgets
  #323478: Unremovable placeholders
  #323773: Cannot load glade files that have Shift and Shift+Ctrl ac...
  #324574: Crash on 2005-12-19 20:19
  #325060: PATCH] Support Actions with short labels and 'is_importa...
  #325828: PATCH] TypeError editing actions with no stock item set
  #325849: Crash on clicking ... button for window title.

Gazpacho-0.6.2 7-September-2005
- Bug fixes: 313469, 313548, 313573, 313435, 313439, 313686, 314219, 314527,
  314609, 312809, 314621, 314581, 315357
  (Johan, Mattias, Harry Wright, Ali Afshar, Zeeshan Ali)
- Code cleanups (Johan)
- Refactor adaptors code and split it in several files under the base package
- Move most of the bug reporting code from the proxy to gazpacho (Lorenzo)
- Added lots of unittests (Johan)
- Drag and Drop improvements (Mattias)
- Make gazpacho a little bit more embedable-friendly (Ali Afshar, Johan)
- Edition of custom widgets (Johan)
- Fix BoxSizeProp (Danirl Borgmann)
- Fix containers not showing placeholders inside them (Mattias)
- Fix/improve several random properties (Johan)
- HIG fixes (Johan, Mattias)

Gazpacho-0.6.1 13-August-2005
- Build fixes (Johan)
- Translation fixes (Johan)

Gazpacho-0.6.0 13-August-2005

- New About dialog (Lorenzo Gil Sanchez)
- Infrastructure for localization of glade files (Johan Dahlin)
- Complete properties rewrite (Johan)
- Replace WidgetClass by WidgetAdaptor (Lorenzo)
- Use stock text for stock items in Gazpacho's menu (Johan, Christopher	Aillon,
- Drag and Drop between palette and the containers (John -J5- Palmieri)
- Show structure of containers with border colors (Owen Taylor)
- Load GtkAction::activate signals from the glade file (Henrique Romano)
- Cleanup catalog files (Johan, Lorenzo)
- Support for GtkFixed and GtkIconView (Lorenzo)
- Lots of improvements in the Action Editor dialog (Mattias Karlsson)
- Many new tests (Johan, Lorenzo)
- Improved debug mode and a few useful command line options (Johan)
- New (rock-solid) loader (Johan)
- Only save those properties that changed, in a reliable way (Johan, Lorenzo)
- Support for GtkArrow, GtkFontSelectionDialog and GtkColorSelectionDialog
- Replace for the much nicer (Johan)
- More flexible loading mechanism (Johan)
- Add reload debug menu item (Johan)
- Add configuration file and remember last opened/saved directory and recently
	opened projects (Johan)
- Load files optimizations (Johan)
- Put the xml parsing in the same place (Johan)
- Automatic bug reporting (Lorenzo)
- Cursor with the icon of the widget class the user is adding (Tim Evans)
- Support for editing GObject properties (Johan)
- Improved button edition (Lorenzo)
- Bug fixes:
	- #172279 Undo delete action group (Christopher)
	- #313173 Stock icon for About item (Dan Williams)
	- Workaround for gtk.accelerator_valid (Christopher)
	- #313169 Undo/redo stack emits a changed signal for collapsable
		commands (Mattias)
	- Fix drawing selection nodes bug (Owen)
	- #312825 Handle None values for the action attribute (Daniel Borgman)
	- #311377 (Daniel Borgman)
	- #310059 Placeholders inside ObjectBuilder (Mattias)
	- #172154 Selecting entries in multiples entries (Kalle Vahlman)
	- #309471 Add missing icon stock icon (Kalle)
	- #309623 (Mattias)
	- #310753 Updates for new loader API (Zeeshan Ali)
	- #172439 Default values for label-xalign (Mattias)
	- #308836 Added root argument to proxy (Johan)
	- #309626 Stock list for button contents adaptor (Kalle)
	- #308336 Undoable signal changes (Mattias)
	- #309622 Clipboard items (Johan)
	- Fix po files metadata (Rafael Villar Burke)
	- Implement ObjectBuilder.signal_autoconnect (Alex Verstraeten)
	- #308692 Default value for read_i18n_data is False not None (Johan)
	- #308682 WidgetTreeView.remove_item return value (Johan)
	- #302172 Mark project as changed when the signals are updated
	- #169592 Use tooltips for the palette (Mattias)
	- #300767 Improve Close/Save dialogs
	- #300772 Use get_widget instead of getattr (Travis Watkins)
	- #169868 Update the projec ttitle (Mattias)
	- #172172 Redo use Shift-Ctrl-Z (Mattias)
	- #302305 Replace _ with - in signals loaded from glade file (Johan)
	- #302305 Default lower to 0 for unsigned types (Johan)
	- #166952 Allow deleting signal handlers (Mattias)
	- Saving dialogs (Richard Hult)
	- #304529 Remove draconian widget name restrictions (Lorenzo)
	- #304654 Label sensitive in button editor (Mikael Hallendal)
- Translations:
	- Finnish (Kalle Vahlman)
	- Italian (Vittorio Palmisano)
	- Chinesse (Hashao)

Gazpacho-0.5.3 9-April-2005
	- Debug dialog for showing exceptions (Johan Dahlin)
	- Improved translations (Rafael)
	- More unittest and integration tests (Mattias, Lorenzo and Rafael
	Villar Burke)
	- New clipboard code. Now copying and pasting toolbars wors (Lorenzo)
	- Support for C widgets (Anders Carlsson)
	- Lots of refactoring to clean the core (Lorenzo and Anders Carlsson)
	- Tons of usability fixes (Mattias Karlsson)

Gazpacho-0.5.2 21-February-2005
	- Minor UI bug fixes (Lorenzo, Johan)
	- Speed optimizations (Lorenzo)
	- Loader refactoring to allow custom widget and properties loaders
	- Big Widget refactoring to make a much saner class (Lorenzo)
	- Better serialization for Flag/Enum properties (Lorenzo)
	- One more test (Rafael)
	- Fixed bugs about selecting widgets inside a Notebook (Lorenzo)
	- Improved widgets support (Lorenzo)

Gazpacho-0.5.1 13-February-2005
	- Minor HIG improvements (Ross Burton)
	- New translation: Catalonian (Marc Sabat)
	- Remove the prefix attribute in the .glade file so libglade doesn't
	complain (Lorenzo Gil)
	- Some more widgets supported: GtkAlignment, GtkComboBoxEntry (Lorenzo)
	- Convert MenuBars and Toolbars from Glade-2 generated .glade files
	to the new Gazpacho files (using GtkUIManager) (Lorenzo)
	- Many bug fixes (Lorenzo)
	- Migration of bugtracker from Mantis to Bugzilla at

Gazpacho-0.5.0 4-February-2005
	- New menu/toolbar support much cleaner than the previous UIManager
	Editor (Lorenzo Gil Sanchez)
	- New vertical (experimental) layout (Lorenzo)
	- Action pool, Action and ActionGroup editors (Lorenzo)
	- A lot of code clean up that means some speed ups (Lorenzo)
	- Better serialization and loading code: Support for <object> tags in
	the glade file (Lorenzo)
	- Allow to save the UI of the UIManager in the glade file or in
	a separate file (Lorenzo)
	- Fix a crash bug (#128) (Lorenzo)
	- Toplevels are much easier to work with (Richard Hult)
	- Add context menus for Boxes so you can placeholders (Richard)
	- Allow deletion of placeholders (Richard)
	- GtkNoteBook bug fixes (Richard)
	- Don't ask the box size on creation (Richard)
	- Documentation about how to add your widgets (Richard)
	- Editor refactorization and sane support for special property
	editors (Mikael Hallendal)
	- Fixed .desktop file (Rafael Villar Burke)
	- Updated translations (Rafael)

Gazpacho-0.4.0 28-January-2005
	- Better support for win32 (Lorenzo)
	- Fix a bug about not allowing to press cancel in save
	dialogs (Gustavo Noronha)
	- Better support for multiple projects (Gustavo)
	- Fixed bug in popup menu and widget tree view (Johan Dahlin)
	- Fixed bug with path strings in win32 (Miguel Hernandez)
	- Improved documentation in many places (Lorenzo)
	- Clean up a lot of code and redesign some important classes (Lorenzo
	and Johan)
	- Fixed bug about selection code (Lorenzo)
	- Make application gettextable (Lorenzo)
	- Uninstall script for Linux (Lorenzo)
	- Use a command manager and make commands more Object
	Oriented for API sanity (Lorenzo)
	- Debug windows: Command Stack View and Clipboard View (Lorenzo)
	- Added a script to handle i10n: (Lorenzo)
	- Fixed bugs in Undo/Redo system (Lorenzo and Richard Hult)
	- Ask before closing a project (Gustavo Carneiro)
	- Select Placeholders when clicking on them and also allow to select
	their parents when Shift is pressed (Lorenzo and Richard)
	- Copy/Cut/Paste (Lorenzo)
	- Better window management support (Lorenzo and Richard)
	- New Catalog approach (Mikael Hallendal)
	- New widget registry (Johan)
	- Better synchronization betweend properties and views (Mikael)
	- Better support for properties and added a packing-defaults prop
	for the widgets (Mikael)

	- First translations: Spanish, Gallego, French (Rafael Villar Burke)
	Brazilian Portuguese (Henrique Romano)

Gazpacho-0.3.2 17-January-2005
	- Lots of code cleanups. Gazpacho is PEP-8 compliant now and pychecker
	also likes us more (Johan Dahlin)
	- Improve Project View selection (Johan)
	- Rearrange some widgets in the palette (Johan)
	- Fix bug in placeholder drawing (John Ehresman)
	- Make it more compatible with libglade (Lorenzo)
	- Fix bugs about XML serialization (Lorenzo)
	- Much better initialization code (Johan)
	- Better localmode and use of FileChooser instead of
	FileSel (Jonathan Blandford)