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some cleanup

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 def pytest_funcarg__procdir(request):
     tmpdir = request.getfuncargvalue('tmpdir')
     db = request.getfuncargvalue('couchdb')
-    nodeid = request._pyfuncitem.nodeid
+    testname = nodeid = request._pyfuncitem.nodeid
+    nodeid = nodeid.replace('.py', '').replace('::', '.')
     from glas_process.procdir import ProcDir
     from juggler.model import Task
-    task = Task(_id=nodeid, testcase=nodeid)
+    task = Task(_id=nodeid,testcase=testname)
-    procdir = ProcDir(db, tmpdir/'proc', task)
+    procdir = ProcDir(db, tmpdir.join('proc'), task)
     if 'no_create' not in request._pyfuncitem.keywords:
     return procdir


                 remainder = ''
             for line in lines:
                 yield line
-            remainder #XXX: pyflakes
+            remainder  #XXX: pyflakes
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