Alexey Borzenkov  committed b5b42c0

Fix the way test extensions are built

Previously testing with multiple release and pydebug versions of
Python, especially on Windows, was very difficult and required
changes to build_test_extensions function. Using the complete
distutils pipeline makes sure it builds correctly on any version
of Python.

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File tests/

+import os
 import glob
-import os
 import unittest
-import sys
-from distutils import dist
-from distutils import sysconfig
-from distutils import file_util
-from distutils import util
+from distutils.core import setup
 from distutils.core import Extension
-from distutils.ccompiler import new_compiler
-from distutils.command import build_ext
               [os.path.join('tests', '_test_extension.c')],
-              include_dirs=[os.path.curdir, sysconfig.get_python_inc()]),
+              include_dirs=[os.path.curdir]),
 def build_test_extensions():
     """Because distutils sucks, it just copies the entire contents of the build
     results dir (e.g. build/lib.linux-i686-2.6) during installation. That means
-    that we can't put any files there that we don't want to distribute. </3.
+    that we can't put any files there that we don't want to distribute.
-    To deal with that, this code will compile the test extension and place the
-    object files in the normal temp directory using the same logic as distutils,
-    but linked shared library will go directly into the tests directory.
+    To deal with it, this code will compile test extensions inplace, but
+    will use a separate directory for build files. This way testing with
+    multiple Python release and pydebug versions works and test extensions
+    are not distributed.
-    build_temp_dir = os.path.join(
-        'build', 'temp.%s-%s' % (util.get_platform(), sys.version[0:3]))
-    compiler = new_compiler()
-    distribution = dist.Distribution()
-    build_ext_cmd = build_ext.build_ext(distribution)
-    build_ext_cmd.finalize_options()
-    compiler.set_library_dirs(build_ext_cmd.library_dirs)
-    sysconfig.customize_compiler(compiler)
-    def build_and_copy(extension):
-        """compile sources, link shared library, and copy it into CWD"""
-        objects = compiler.compile(
-            extension.sources,
-            output_dir=build_temp_dir,
-            include_dirs=extension.include_dirs,
-            debug=False,
-            depends=extension.depends)
-        output_file = os.path.join(
-            build_temp_dir, build_ext_cmd.get_ext_filename(
-        compiler.link_shared_object(
-            objects,
-            output_file,
-            libraries=build_ext_cmd.get_libraries(extension),
-            library_dirs=extension.library_dirs,
-            runtime_library_dirs=extension.runtime_library_dirs,
-            export_symbols=build_ext_cmd.get_export_symbols(extension),
-            debug=False,
-            build_temp=build_temp_dir,
-            target_lang=compiler.detect_language(extension.sources))
-        file_util.copy_file(output_file, os.path.curdir)
-    for extension in TEST_EXTENSIONS:
-        build_and_copy(extension)
+    setup(
+        options={
+            'build': {'build_base': os.path.join('build', 'tests')},
+        },
+        script_args=['build_ext', '-i'],
+        ext_modules=TEST_EXTENSIONS)