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ignore closed remotes for convience

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File hg_remotebranches.py

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 import os
 from mercurial import config
+from mercurial import context
 from mercurial import hg
 from mercurial import node
 from mercurial import ui
                             # to avoid infinite recursion if the hash is bogus
                             n = self.changelog._match(hash)
                             if n:
-                                remotebranches[name] = n
+                                # we need rev since node will recurse lookup
+                                ctx = context.changectx(self,
+                                                        self.changelog.rev(n))
+                                if not ctx.extra().get('close'):
+                                    remotebranches[name] = n
                 return remotebranches
             def lookup(self, key):