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This module is a simple drop-in to support setup.py in mercurial based projects.

Alternatively it can be a setup time requirement.

Its supposed to generate version numbers from mercurials meta-data. It tries to use the current tag and falls back to the next reachable tagged ancestor and using the distance to it as .post marker.

It uses 4 strategies to archive its task:

  1. try to directly ask hg for the tag/distance
  2. try to infer it from the .hg_archival.txt file
  3. try to use the cache file if it exists
  4. try to read the version from the 'PKG-INFO' file sdists contain (this is a nasty abuse)

The most simple usage is:

from setuptools import setup
from hgdistver import get_version

get_version takes the optional argument cachefile, which causes it to store the version info in a python script instead of abusing PKG-INFO from a sdist.

The setup requirement usage is:

from setuptools import setup

The requirement uses the setup argument cache_hg_version_to instead of cachefile.

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