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Full commit
from logbook import Logger
from ..model import Task, Project, states as s
from .utils import watches_for, steps_from_template

log = Logger('manage', level='info')

def new_task_generate_steps(db, task):
    log.debug('get project {}', task.project)
    project = db.get(task.project, schema=Project)
    log.debug('got {}', project)
    bulk = [task]
    if project.computed_steps:
        raise NotImplementedError
        task.status = 'preparing'
        bulk += steps_from_template(project, task)
        task.status = s.pending
    log.debug('save_bulk, {}', bulk)
    db.bulk_save(bulk)'generated steps for {task._id}', task=task)

@watches_for(Task, s.claiming)
def approve_claimed_task(db, task):
    # this asumes only one claim manager is running ever
    # we operate on a first come first serve basis
    all_docs = db.all_current_docs_for(task)

    for doc in all_docs:
        if doc._rev != task._rev and doc.status != s.claiming:
            # conflict already solved by one
            # of the contenders proceeding
            # delete that exact revision
  'claiming {task._id} for {task.owner} failed', task=task)

        # no solution yet, accept the claim
        task.status = s.claimed
        db.save_doc(task)'claimed {task._id} for {task.owner}', task=task)