Thomas Waldmann committed 653f12d

use colon to separate mountpoint from revid, not slash which makes it look like a path in the url

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         #       can be given to get_revision and be routed to the right backend.
         for mountpoint, backend in self.mapping:
             for revid in backend:
-                yield u'%s/%s' % (mountpoint, revid)
+                yield u'%s:%s' % (mountpoint, revid)
     def retrieve(self, revid):
-        mountpoint, revid = revid.rsplit(u'/', 1)
+        mountpoint, revid = revid.rsplit(u':', 1)
         backend = self._get_backend(mountpoint)[0]
         meta, data = backend.retrieve(revid)
         if mountpoint:
             raise TypeError('backend %r mounted at %r is readonly' % (
                 backend, mountpoint))
         meta[NAME] = itemname
-        return u'%s/%s' % (mountpoint,, data))
+        return u'%s:%s' % (mountpoint,, data))
     def remove(self, revid):
         mountpoint, revid = revid.rsplit(u'/', 1)