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Alexis Metaireau  committed add8032

Get informations about dates from the filesystem if no other way of getting it is working.

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 * Find a way to extend the existing templates instead of rewriting all from scratch.
 * find a better way to specify the templates. an idea is simply to install the templates in a default path, and to add a way to specify them by default under a "_themes" dir.
 * Make the program support UTF8-encoded files as input (and later: any encoding?)
-* Fallback on mtime to get date informations
 * Change the directory structure ?
 * update the doc

File pelican/processors.py

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                 if category != '':
                     metadatas['category'] = unicode(category)
+            # fallback on filesystem date
+            if 'date' not in metadatas.keys():
+                    metadatas['date'] = datetime.fromtimestamp(os.stat(f).st_ctime)
             article = Article(content, metadatas, settings=generator.settings,
             if not is_valid_content(article, f):