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     $ pelican --help
+Pelican try to be configurable via a configuration file, that you can pass to
+the command line. Here are the settings you can use, with some basic
+Please note that all the settings you put in this file will be passed to the
+templates as well.
+* `PATH` is the path to look at for input files.
+* `THEME`: the theme to use to product the output. can be the complete static
+  path to a theme folder, or choosed between the default pelican themes (see
+  below)
+* `OUTPUT_PATH`: Where to output the generated files. Default to "output"
+* `SITENAME`: You site name,
+* `DISPLAY_PAGES_ON_MENU`: Display or not the pages on the menu of the
+  template. Templates can follow or not this settings.
+* `PDF_PROCESSOR`: Put True if you want to have PDF outputs as well as HTML
+  pages,
+* `DEFAULT_CATEGORY`: The default category. `misc` by default.
+* `FALLBACK_ON_FS_DATE`: Choose to fallback on filesystem dates informations if
+  any other way to retreive the date currrently exists.,
+* `MARKUP`: A list of available markup languages you want to use. At the
+  moment, only available values are `rst` and `md`.
+* `STATIC_PATHS`: The static paths you want to copy under "static"
+* `FEED`: url to output the feed.,
+* `CATEGORY_FEED`: Where to put the categories feeds. default is `feeds/%s.atom.xml`
+3 themes are available. You can specify them using the `-t` option:
+* notmyidea
+* default
+* martylachin 
+You can define your own theme too, and specify it's emplacement in the same
+The `notmyidea` theme can make good use of the following settings:
+* `GITHUB_URL` = your github URL (if you have one)
+* `DISQUS_SITENAME` can handle disqus comments
+* `LINKS` is a list of tuples Title, Url, for links
+* `SOCIAL` (('twitter', 'yourtwitter complete url'),) and any other name/link
+  you want to put under "social"
 Why the name "Pelican" ?
 * find a better way to specify the templates. an idea is simply to install the templates in a default path, and to add a way to specify them by default under a "_themes" dir.
 * Make the program support UTF8-encoded files as input (and later: any encoding?)
 * Change the directory structure ?
-* update the doc
 static blog, with restructured text input files.""")
-    help='Path where to find the content files (default is "content").')
+    help='Path where to find the content files')
 parser.add_argument('-t', '--theme-path', dest='theme',
     help='Path where to find the theme templates. If not specified, it will'
          'use the default one included with pelican.')