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Add some documentation on how to run a buildslave

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 $ cd pypy-buildbot
 $ hg pull -u
 $ cd master
 $ buildbot checkconfig
 $ make reconfig
 $ make stop
 $ make start
+To run a buildslave
+Please refer to README_BUILDSLAVE


+How to setup a buildslave for PyPy
+First you will need to install the ``buildbot_buildslave`` package.
+pip install buildbot_buildslave
+The next step is to create a buildslave configuration file. Based on version
+0.7.12 of buildbot you need to execute the following command.
+For PyPy the MASTERHOST currently is ````. The
+value for PORT is ``10407``.
+SLAVENAME and PASSWORD can be freely chosen. These values need to be added to
+the configuration file on the MASTERHOST, ask in the IRC channel
+(#pypy on for the settings to be added. BASEDIR is a path to a
+local directory that will be created to contain all the files will be used by
+the buildslave. 
+Finally you will need to update the buildmaster configuration found in
+bot2/pypybuildbot/ to associate the buildslave with one or more
+builders. Builders define what tasks should be executed on the buildslave. 
+The changeset of revision 2f982db47d5d is a good place to start
+( Once the changes
+are commited the buildmaster on MASTERHOST needs to be updated and restared to
+reflect the changes to the configuration.
+To run the buildslave execute 
+First you will need to copy the file Makefile.sample to Makefile and
+update it as necessary.
+To start the buildslave just run
+    make start
+and to stop it run
+    make stop