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PyPy: Python in Python implementation / Version 0.6 

Welcome to PyPy!   PyPy-0.6 is the first public release 
after two years of spare-time and half a year of European Union 
funded development from a multitude of people and organizations.  

We invested a lot of time in improving the documentation and
website and thus invite you to head over to our getting-started

    pypy/documentation/getting_started.txt  or

which gives you many good starting and entry points into
playing with PyPy.  It will also point you to our
documentation section of which you can find the source ReST 
files in the following directory: 

    pypy/documentation/index.txt or 

Our online release announcement has some more  
information about the specific PyPy-0.6 release: 

    pypy/documentation/release-0.6.txt or 

Please freel free to contact or join us in one of the ways
listed in our contact page: 

    pypy/documentation/website/contact.txt or

Enjoy and send us feedback! 

    the pypy-dev team <>
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