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+pytest-boxed: running tests in forked subprocesses
+The `pytest-boxed`_ plugin extends py.test wit the ``--boxed`` execution mode.
+It will run each test in a boxed_ subprocess
+to survive ``SEGFAULTS`` or otherwise dying processes
+  XXX: comment till i know better
+  warning::
+  Some C/C++ libraries do not survive a fork cleanly
+  and need a different handling
+Running tests in a boxed subprocess
+If you have tests involving C or C++ libraries you might have to deal
+with tests crashing the process.  For this case you max use the boxing
+    py.test --boxed
+which will run each test in a subprocess and will report if a test
+crashed the process.  You can also combine this option with
+running multiple processes to speed up the test run and use your CPU cores::
+    py.test -n3 --boxed
+this would run 3 testing subprocesses in parallel which each 
+create new boxed subprocesses for each test.
+(needs pytest-xdist)