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-:name: pytest-couchdbkit
-:description: test
+pytest-couchdbkit is a simple pytest extension that manages test databases
+for your couchdbkit using apps.
+In order to use it, you only need to set the ini option
+`couchdbkit_suffix` to something fitting your app.
+Additionally you may use `couchdbkit_backend` to select
+the gevent/eventlet backends.
+The provided funcarg `couchdb` will be a freshly flushed database
+named `pytest_` + couchdbkit_suffix,
+additionally, after each test item,
+the database will be dumped to tmpdir.join(couchdb.dump)
+which is a simple file having entries in the format::
+    number(\d+) + "\r\n" + number bytes + "\r\n"
+entries are:
+* the db info
+* documents
+* raw attachment data following the document
+Attachments are ordered by name,
+so they can be reassigned to their metadata on loading.
+The dump format is meant to be human-readable.
+* fs fixtures (like couchapp)
+* code fixtures
+* dump fixtures
+* comaring a db to sets of defined fixtures
 from 0.2 to 0.3
 - switch dump format to chunked encoding
 - pretty json in dumps
 - attachments in dumps
-- utilities for loading dumps back to a database
+- utility functions for loading dumps back to a database
 from 0.1 to 0.2

File pytest_couchdbkit/

             dump_db(db, fp)
     return db
     description='py.test extension for per-test couchdb databases using couchdbkit',
-    long_description=open("CHANGELOG").read(),
+    long_description=open("README").read(),

File testing/

     doc = {'_id': 'test'}
     first = list(items(couchdb))
     assert len(first) == 1
     assert first[0] == doc