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+# HG changeset patch
+# Parent 79a5b776a6f3f34f8699e130cfe5440b1ff67336
+diff --git a/doc/example/parametrize.txt b/doc/example/parametrize.txt
+--- a/doc/example/parametrize.txt
++++ b/doc/example/parametrize.txt
+@@ -326,3 +326,19 @@ Running it results in some skips if we d
+    ========================= short test summary info ==========================
+    SKIP [27] /home/hpk/p/pytest/doc/example/ 'python2.8' not found
+    48 passed, 27 skipped in 1.71 seconds
++Extended Parameter configuration
++    def pytest_generate_test(metafunc):
++        marks = [pytest.mark.xfail_if('"__pypy__" in sys.modules')
++        metafunc.combine_calls('type_',[
++            ('number', int, marks),
++            ('string', str, marks),
++            ('mapping, dict, marks),
++        ])
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