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 .. _`pytest-xdist respository`: http://bitbucket.org/hpk42/pytest-xdist
-.. _`pytest-xdist`: http://pytest.org/plugin/xdist.html
+.. _`pytest`: http://pytest.org
-The pytest-xdist plugin extends ``py.test`` to ad-hoc distribute test 
+The pytest-xdist plugin extends `py.test`_ to ad-hoc distribute test 
 runs to multiple CPUs or remote machines.   It requires setuptools
-or distribute which help to drag in the execnet and pytest-core 
+or distribute which help to pull in the neccessary execnet and 
+pytest-core dependencies. 
 Install the plugin locally with::
     python setup.py install   
 or use the package in develope/in-place mode, particularly
-useful with a checkout of the pytest-xdist repository::
+useful with a checkout of the `pytest-xdist repository`_::
     python setup.py develop

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 py.test 'xdist' plugin for distributed testing and loop-on-failing modes. 
 See http://pytest.org/plugin/xdist.html for documentation and, after
-installation of the ``pytest-xdist`` package, "py.test -h" for the new options. 
+installation of the ``pytest-xdist`` PyPI package, ``py.test -h`` 
+for the new options. 
 from setuptools import setup