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 - fix issue32 - use --system-site-packages and don't pass --no-site-packages
 - add python3.3 to the default env list, so early adopters can test
 - drop python2.4 support (you can still have your tests run on
+- fix the links/checkout howtos in the docs
   python-2.4, just tox itself requires 2.5 or higher.

File doc/example/unittest.txt

 and we can easily integrate it in a ``tox`` run.  As an example,
 perform a checkout of Pygments_::
-    hg clone
+    hg clone
 and add the following ``tox.ini`` to it::
 including some sphinx-based doctests.  If you checkout
 its repository with:
-    svn co mock
+    hg clone
 the checkout has a tox.ini_ that looks like this::