Ronny Pfannschmidt avatar Ronny Pfannschmidt committed cb2249d

add a slightly hackish wipe action to clean the tmpdir

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         cwd, target = first.split(' $ ')
         target = target.strip()
         return at('shell', target, cwd)
+    elif not indent and any(x.strip() == '.. regendoc:wipe' for x in lines):
+        return {'action': 'wipe'}
     return at(None, first)
         return out
+def do_wipe(tmpdir, action):
+    print('wiping tmpdir %s'%tmpdir)
+    for item in tmpdir.listdir():
+        item.remove()
 def printdiff(lines):
     mapping = {
 def check_file(file, tmpdir):
     needed_updates = []
     for action in actions_of(file):
-        py.builtin.print_(action['action'],
-            repr(action['target']))
+        if 'target' in action:
+            py.builtin.print_(action['action'],
+                repr(action['target']))
         method = globals()['do_' + action['action']]
         new_content = method(tmpdir, action)
 .. toctree:: 
+def test_wipe(tmpdir):
+    fp = tmpdir.join('simple.txt')
+    fp.write('.. regendoc:wipe\n')
+    check_file(
+        file=fp,
+        tmpdir=tmpdir)
+    assert not tmpdir.listdir()
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