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a simple test function call with one argument factory

Test functions can specify one ore more arguments ("funcargs")
and a test module or plugin can define factory functions that provide
the function argument.  Let's look at a simple self-contained
example that you can put into a test module::

    # content of:
    def pytest_funcarg__myfuncarg(request):
        return 42

    def test_function(myfuncarg):
        assert myfuncarg == 17

.. code-block:: bash
    $ py.test

    output should be here - but thats nice for testing

The traceback shows that the test function was called with a ``myfuncarg``
value of ``42`` and the assert fails accordingly.  Here is how py.test
calls the test function:

1. py.test discovers the ``test_function`` because of the ``test_`` prefix.
   The test function needs a function argument named ``myfuncarg``.
   A matching factory function is discovered by looking for the
   name ``pytest_funcarg__myfuncarg``.

2. ``pytest_funcarg__myfuncarg(request)`` is called and
   returns the value for ``myfuncarg``.

3. ``test_function(42)`` call is executed.

Note that if you misspell a function argument or want
to use one that isn't available, you'll see an error
with a list of available function arguments.