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Change.get_description() returns something more similar to diff

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     def get_description(self):
         result = [str(self) + ':\n\n\n']
         for change in self.changes:
-            result.append((' %s ' % str(change)).center(78, '=') + '\n')
+            result.append('\n')
         return ''.join(result)
     def __str__(self):
             'a/' + self.resource.path, 'b/' + self.resource.path)
-        return ''.join(list(result)[2:])
+        return ''.join(list(result))
     def get_changed_resources(self):
         return [self.resource]
         return 'Move <%s>' % self.old_resource.path
     def get_description(self):
-        return 'Move <%s> to <%s>' % (self.old_resource.path,
-                                      self.new_resource.path)
+        return 'rename from %s\nrename to %s' % (self.old_resource.path,
+                                                 self.new_resource.path)
     def get_changed_resources(self):
         return [self.old_resource, self.new_resource]
     def __str__(self):
         return 'Create Resource <%s>' % (self.resource.path)
+    def get_description(self):
+        return 'new file %s' % (self.resource.path)
     def get_changed_resources(self):
         return [self.resource]
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