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 - Allow URLs as base paths for the HTML links.
+- Don't append parentheses if the user has provided them already in their query.
 0.3 (Aug 10, 2010)

File doxylink/doc/index.rst

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 .. todo::
 	Make the extension atuomatically re-run if the tag file is altered on disc
-	Find a way to parse the tag file to a DOM tree *once* and then just reference it from then on.
-	Correct function overloading when arguments are given.
 :copyright: Copyright 2010 by Matt Williams
 :license: BSD, see LICENSE for details.

File doxylink/test/test_parser.py

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 class TestNormalise(unittest.TestCase):
 	def setUp(self):
+		#List of tuples of: (input, correct output)
+		#Input is a string, output is a tuple.
 		self.arglists = [('( QUrl source )', ('', '(QUrl)')),
 		                 ('( QUrl * source )', ('', '(QUrl*)')),
 		                 ('( QUrl ** source )', ('', '(QUrl**)')),