xnet-hacks / tests /

import py
from xnet import server
from xnet.xjob import XJobSpec, XResult
from xnet.helpers import json_encode
from xnet.xjob import XJobStorage, XResultStorage, XJobInfo
import json

def pytest_funcarg__app(request):
    app =
    app.xjobstorage = XJobStorage()
    app.resultstorage = XResultStorage()
    return app.test_client()

def test_submitxjob(app):
    xjob = XJobSpec(args=["hello"])
    rv ="/", data=json_encode(xjob))
    jobid = json.loads(['xjobid']
    assert int(jobid) >= 0
    return jobid

def test_pullxjob(app):
    xjobid = test_submitxjob(app)
    r ="/pull")
    res = json.loads(
    assert res['xjobid'] == xjobid
    return xjobid

def test_listxjobs(app):
    xjob = XJobSpec(args=["hello"])
    rv = app.get("/", data=json_encode(xjob))
    data = json.loads(
    assert 'queued' in data
    assert 'pulled' in data
    assert 'active' in data
    assert 'finished' in data
    return data

def test_registerxjob(app):
    xjobid = test_pullxjob(app)
    info = XJobInfo(xjobid)
    r ="/registerxjob", data=json_encode(info))
    assert == "registered job with id %s" % xjobid
    jobs = test_listxjobs(app)
    entry = jobs.get('active').get(str(xjobid))
    assert entry.get('xjobid') == xjobid
    return xjobid

def test_result_submit_and_get(app):
    xjobid = test_registerxjob(app)
    result = XResult(xjobid, "out", "err", 0)
    rv ="/result", data=json_encode(result))
    assert == "Thanks."
    r = app.get("/getresult/%s" % xjobid)
    result2 = XResult.from_json(json.loads(['result'])
    assert result2.out == result.out
    assert result2.err == result.err
    assert result2.retcode == result.retcode
    assert result2.xjobid == result.xjobid

def test_result_without_job(app):
    r = app.get('/getresult', data=json_encode({'xjobid': 1}))
    assert r.status == 404
    #XXX: finish
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