1. Ronny Pfannschmidt
  2. xnet-hacks


xnet-hacks / ISSUES.txt

persistence of jobs/results

at the moment there is no persistence for submitted jobs.
The server should survive a shutdown/restart.  Probably
first implement a simple fs-storage before tackling
REDIS or sql or more advanced solutions. (it's unclear
what will be the requirements and it's unclear what
will be the data model).

in/out/err streaming

see the README.txt second example - basic goal is to get a remote
"python" to execute, detach and attach to it.  For now, implementation
should just use raw sockets, i.e. ask the server to listen on a socket
and then receive/send from the slave to the server and another socket
for tool/server interaction.

slave control channel

currently the slave uses a pull model, asking the server for a job.
Next interesting thing is to allow it to be pushed directly from
the server.  For this the slave needs to (re)open a connection and
then accept (probably in a small chat protocol) start/stop/status
commands returning appropriate information. Maybe it makes sense
to port some of the http functionality to this new chat protocol.