scraper is a wrapper for Mechanize's Browser class meant 
specifically for scraping websites.

Currently scraper only supports searching for class 
attributes within valid html tags (via BeautifulSoup).

You need to have three modules installed: argparse,
mechanize and BeautifulSoup. You can install these via
any normal means (easy_install, pip, etc.).

.. _argparse:
.. _mechanize:
.. _BeautifulSoup:

--- [-h] [-p page | -s search_term] [-r regex] [-o output]

optional arguments:
  -h, --help      show this help message and exit
  -p page         the page you want to search.
  -s search_term  Search term for Google News - put a "+" in for spaces.
  -r regex        the regular expression you want to use to specify the class
                  attribute to search for.
  -o output       Specify the output file.


This is very much an alpha release. I only threw it up here 
because I thought it might be useful to someone. I use it 
to print a nice single page of stories related to things I 
usually search for every morning.