Cannot retrieve metadata; tests ignored

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Alex Jung created an issue

My development sandbox is on Summer '18, so I initially thought this was related to that since this happens on two different machines with IC2 installed. However, I just downloaded the Summer '18 plugin that you made available in another ticket and installed from disk. Unfortunately that didn't help matters.

I first noticed "weirdness" when running All Tests. I would get back error messages that tests were ignored (last count ~102 tests ignored... some variation of: "Test method StoreFrontController_Test.createProgram was never reported as completed. Perhaps it doesn't exist on the server?" (bolded portion replaced with whatever test it failed on)

Switching to Setup on my sandbox in the web browser, in Custom Code > Apex Text Execution, selecting and running all tests appear to complete successfully.

then, problems started happening when trying to retrieve the latest metadata from the sandbox. this presented as a Intellij Modal with the text: "Could not send Message".

So now I'm unable to retrieve any files from Dev.

FWIW, I opened up a ticket with Salesforce, but as Setup is able to complete tests then suggested that I open a ticket with you :)...

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  1. Scott Wells repo owner

    Alex, I'm about to post some new Summer '18 builds. I'll let you know shortly when they're available and hopefully you can verify whether they resolve the issues.

  2. Scott Wells repo owner

    Hey, Alex, I just looked at the log you provided. If you go into IC's connection config you can check Enable workaround for HTTP 411 issue. Please do that and see if it doesn't resolve this issue for you.

  3. Alex Jung reporter

    Scott, I'm glad to confirm that the "Enable workaround for HTTP 411 issue" indeed fixes the tests & retrieve metadata issues that I was experiencing... So for the purposes of this ticket, this issue has been resolved :)...

    Is it odd that i've been using IC & IC2 for a while now and have not hit this issue prior? Would Summer '18 affect this?

  4. Scott Wells repo owner

    You know, I've never understood when chunking is and is not required against the Salesforce orgs in the past. It's VERY rare that it's needed. My best guess is that in Summer '18 they changed something in how they handle some of the existing SOAP requests so that they must be chunked now. Technically I could do away with this issue altogether by auto-enabling that setting, but my understanding is that it's less efficient than with it disabled (it comes down to a header on the HTTP request), so I currently default to disabled and allow folks to turn it on if they see HTTP 411 responses against their orgs. Glad it took care of it for you either way!

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