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Issue #1030 resolved
Bogdan Kulyk created an issue

Could you please add new lightning components, like lightning:navigation from summer 18, so they will be recognised by IC plugin.

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  1. Scott Wells repo owner

    Hi, Bogdan. The plugin has been updated with all updated/new Summer '18 Lightning components. However, due to a caching issue in IntelliJ IDEA/WebStorm with the supporting XSDs, you do have to "force" the cache to update. Just type any other component from the lightning namespace, e.g., <lightning:inputField/>, then type Ctrl+B/Cmd+B to navigate into the underlying XSD. That will cause the cache to update. Once you do that you will have access to all new components from that namespace.

    I have that this workaround is required. I've contacted JetBrains about how I might force this cache to update automatically, but I don't have a solution yet.

  2. Bogdan Kulyk reporter

    I checked, still no new components, oh, its because we use Illuminated Cloud 1, i didnt know, that the Illuminated Cloud 2 was released. This is the reason. I will contact you through support mail. Thanks.

  3. Bogdan Kulyk reporter

    I have version and it doesnt offer me to update. Ok, i reloaded plugin list in IDEA, now update button appeared. I updated and now it works fine, thank you! :)

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