CustomFields instead of Object in package.xml?

Issue #1067 resolved
Henry Zhao created an issue


Is there a way to generate a package.xml via the UI for specifically custom fields?

In my metadata picker I have options like this: Screen Shot 2018-08-07 at 1.40.23 PM.png

But once the metadata is retrieved, it shows up in the package.xml as an entire Lead/Account object.

I would like to achieve the granularity of specifying individual customfields inside my package.xml, like so:


Please let me know if this is possible, and if not, if it could be considered for future releases.


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  1. Scott Wells repo owner

    Henry, right now IC maintains the metadata subscription -- either package.xml or explicit selection in the IDE -- at the level of metadata types that map directly to files in the filesystem. This is a known limitation that others have also hit, and it is something that I plan to address across the board in a relatively near-term release that's focused on metadata deployment/retrieval/management enhancements. However, right now it can't do what you're looking to do. I'll keep this issue open to track progress on the request.

  2. Henry Zhao reporter

    THanks @RoseSilverSoftware for the explanation. Looking forward to that release! (Hopefully it also addresses the custom metadata Issue #1031 :P )

  3. Scott Wells repo owner

    Henry, the status of #1031 is that I'm unable to reproduce it and I'd asked those of you having that issue if you could provide access to an environment where it occurs so that I can debug it directly. Ideally that would be an isolated environment with only enough metadata to reproduce the issue, but I'm also totally fine signing an NDA for access to the exact org where it's happening in order to address that issue. That's going to be the best way to address that one as I've been completely unable to reproduce/see the issue myself.

  4. Henry Zhao reporter

    Yea we saw your reply in that ticket, and we're discussing internally how we might be able to make it happen. Unfortunately these things are hard for us to decide (environments, NDAs), so we are also escalating it and trying to find you an environment. We'll definitely keep you posted!

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