Prompt to update sfdx

Issue #1083 resolved
Aidan Harding created an issue

When you run sfdx from the command line, it tells you when there is an update available.

It would be really nice if IC picked up on that when you do a sfdx operation, and prompted you to update via a message in the event log. A bit like when IntelliJ or IC itself has an update available.

99% of my sfdx is inside IC, so I don't see the update message often unless I go looking for it.

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  1. Scott Wells repo owner

    Illuminated Cloud now displays the output of the Salesforce CLI's standard error in a toaster popup. This includes a clear notification when a new version of the CLI is available. IC will not automatically update the CLI because there have been occasional issues during CLI updates and I don't want to obscure those if/when they occur. I'll revisit that decision once I feel that there's no longer a risk when updating the CLI. Minimally, though, you'll know when a new version is available now via IC.

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