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Thomas Burger created an issue

A visual tool to manage the different Dev Hubs, QA Orgs and Scratch Orgs would be nice since I have to spend a lot of time hacking into the console for small tasks losing information my scrolling around.

Please let me know if this is on your roadmap since the complicated handling is one of the biggest issues for my fellow developers to switch to DX.

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  1. Scott Wells repo owner

    Thomas, a general-purpose SFDX org management tool is not currently on the roadmap. However, I do plan to incorporate non-scratch orgs managed by SFDX into the product, e.g., dev hubs and auth'ed DE/sandbox/production orgs, as part of the forthcoming OAuth support work. That would allow you to use auth'ed orgs as non-SFDX project connections, log into all of those orgs, run Anonymous Apex/SOQL queries/log viewer against them, etc.

    What else would be missing that you'd like to see? Some type of hierarchical view of dev hubs and their associated scratch orgs? Just curious what all you're thinking when you say "SFDX Org Management Tool". Thanks!

  2. Thomas Burger reporter

    I was thinking of a kind of tree view splitted into dev hubs, QA, dev and scratchs orgs with the scratch orgs or package namespaces as children as an overview. I noticed that you quickly lose track of all orgs since these scratch orgs are so short lived.

    Some basic functions for these like open in browser or pull and push from a specific org and so on. Package configuration would also be a nice feature. Typing around in a JSON file seems kind of outdated.

  3. Scott Wells repo owner

    I haven't addressed this exactly, but some of the recent enhancements do go a long way in this direction, e.g., showing org connection status and scratch org expiration date, etc.

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