Show lightning controller function as used

Issue #1107 closed
KC Shafer created an issue

Very minor issue, but when I reference a controller function like {! c.myFunction }, it shows as grey/unused but when I use {!c.myFunction} it shows correctly as used. Obviously has a clear workaround of omitting the spaces, but my preferred style is to include them. I like in large components to be able to see functions that may no longer be used, so it would be nice to be able to style it this way and see that info. Not major, just a nice to have.

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  1. KC Shafer reporter

    Apparently I imagined this happening the first time, because I just tried it again and even then it doesn't work, closing

  2. KC Shafer reporter

    Apparently the first time this happened it was a fluke, it doesn't show as used even with the no space formatting.

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