Apex Controller not deploying on save - v2.0.3.6

Issue #1108 resolved
jrattanpal created an issue

I updated Illuminated cloud to v today. after update, if I save VF page then it automatically deploys. But for Apex controller, it doesn't deploy automatically.

I can select Illuminated Cloud-> Deploy modified metadata to deploy it but has to do it manually.

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  1. Scott Wells repo owner

    I apologize but I'm not sure I follow what's happening. Are you saying that when you type Ctrl+S/Cmd+S in an Apex controller class, it isn't automatically deployed to the server? Can you show a screenshot of your Illuminated Cloud>Configure Application>Validation and Deployment settings?

  2. jrattanpal reporter

    Yes, that is correct.

    But I just realized, even if I manually select Illuminated cloud to deploy, I don't see new changes on the server. I can see date modified but new class content is not sent. It's strange.

    So, it's not starting deploy process on save. But even when manually deployed, it's not sending any data (log file attached above)

  3. jrattanpal reporter

    When I see deploy option for class, I did "diff with server". It fetches the class but tells me that there is no difference in the classes. But clearly, my local copy is different as I have changed it.

    So it seems to be looking at somewhere else.

  4. Scott Wells repo owner

    So you have Override Save All action disabled. I recommend that all users enable that action because otherwise a Ctrl+S/Cmd+S is not guaranteed to result in a deployment operation. You can read more about that here:


    If you make an explicit change to the controller file, e.g., add a dummy comment, and then save, does it deploy? If so and you don't want to have to make these types of explicit changes, you should enable Override Save All action and I believe it will behave the way you'd like.

    If making an explicit change and then saving the file does not result in a deployment, please send me an updated log of that activity for review.

  5. jrattanpal reporter

    Ok I figured out what is wrong; although don't know why.

    FOr some reason, my class data is wrong. So I deleted classes folder and retrieved it again. And now it's working fine.

    I have no idea what happened and don't know if I can reproduce it. But it's working now.

    So issue maybe that it had different version somehow but, again, don't know why.

    As for the action, ctrl+s has been working for me and I don't want to save all the open files.

  6. Scott Wells repo owner

    Okay, that's definitely odd. Do let me know if that happens again. Also, if you check Override Save All action but uncheck Deploy all modified files, it'll behave how you want. The current file will be deployed unconditionally but nothing else will be deployed with it...well, that's not 100% true because with the recent tabbed editors enhancement it will deploy all modified files in the tabbed editor, e.g., the companion meta.xml file and/or other Lightning bundle files...but for your example it would only deploy the current controller class or Visualforce page depending on the active file when Ctrl+S is typed. Totally up to you as to how you'd like it configured...that's why there are multiple configuration options...but I wanted to make sure the behavior of those various option is understood.

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