Cannot create class from other folder than then main package directory

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Theodoor van Donge created an issue

I can only create new classes from the main package directory (DX) and not from other folders that are inside the main package directory. This is not easy to work with, the workaround i use is less than ideal: 1. create the class in the main package directory 2. move it to the intended folder.

What would be awesome, if we can create classes from all folders inside the package directory.

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  1. Theodoor van Donge reporter

    What i found out about VS Code, it uses this command to create the class:

    sfdx force:apex:class:create --classname TestAbc --template DefaultApexClass --outputdir my-app/support/classes/application

    That will create the new class in folder: my-app/support/classes/application/TestAbc.class

  2. Scott Wells repo owner

    Yeah, this is one of a number of issues right now in IC with arbitrary folder structure in SFDX projects. I have the general class of issues slated for an upcoming deployment/retrieval-themed release. I'll tag this one for it to ensure that I verify it's addressed by that work.

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