Add option for mass OST regeneration

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Matej Mercina created an issue

The requirements for complete OST regeneration seem to have increased in frequency within the latest releases. Would it be possible to enable a complete regeneration for all projects at once?

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  1. Scott Wells repo owner

    That's an interesting question. Unfortunately OSTs are per-project and there's no single meta-process that knows about all projects and their configured connections. Let me chew on it a bit...

    I do try to limit the frequency of when I tell the user that an OST update is required(/recommended). In the most recent case, it's because of the Salesforce Winter '19 update. The ones in between this one and Summer '18 were due to code inspection fixes that required changes to the way the OST is generated, e.g., always specifying namespaces on SObject fields in the OST. What I've thought about doing is maintaining a manifest of the things that might motivate an OST update and the impact of each, present that to the user, and allow the user to decide whether the OST update is useful or not. If not, just dismiss it until some new set of motivating changes come along and then decide again.

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