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Rohan Gore created an issue

I could not see the Apex Test Classes after the recent upgrade as shown below, though there are Apex Test Classes in the project.


Also after running the test class from the class itself, seeing this error and could not see any coverage as well.

TestClasses Error.png

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  1. Scott Wells repo owner

    Hmmmm...nothing has changed in that area. Do you mind rebuilding caches/indices and restarting the IDE to see if that resolves the issue? It could be that other changes caused the caches to get wonky.

  2. Rohan Gore reporter

    Sorry, no luck! Actually, I did that before as well as the first thing. In fact, after that uninstalled and installed again the IC2. Here is my line of action or next steps I am going to take I will try in some other project as well. Not sure, something just went wrong with this project. If it works in other projects, I will recreate the project and delete this one. If not, I will come back.

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