Custom Object Share objects not included in Offline Symbol Table

Issue #1145 resolved
James Melville created an issue

Illuminated Cloud resolves certain objects related to my Custom Object in the offline symbol table, e.g. from namespace__CustomObject__c we also can get: namespace____CustomObject__History namespace__CustomObject__Feed namespace__CustomObject__ChangeEvent

But it doesn't find the namespace__CustomObject__Share object, which is then flagged with "cannot resolve symbol" in valid code which references it. Standard share objects appear to be resolved, e.g. AccountShare.

The custom object is set to private sharing and apex against the __Share object complies.

Windows 10 x64 Webstorm 2018.2.4 IC2.0.3.9 (custom build for issue 1056)

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  1. Scott Wells repo owner

    Fix submitted for inclusion in the next build. Note that you'll need to update the SObjects portion of your OST after taking the new build.

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