Knowledge__kav error

Issue #1158 resolved
Sam King created an issue

I have a minor issue with my Illuminated cloud 2 setup where it refuses to recognize the knowledge__kav object.

I have tried generating the offline symbol table in full multiple times and that doesn’t fix it.

The main problem is that in my code my knowledge__kav object and any relating fields always show red and appear to be erroring when in fact they’re fine as shown below.

Having checked there is a Knowledge__kav.object file in the object folder so I don’t believe it is that although I could be wrong.

Just a side note, I am well aware that the function highlighted doesn’t return anything yet that isn’t the problem. With other functions that to return data, I have the same problem.

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  1. nivgo

    Hi Scott, I still have this issue and I just updated to IC2 Version: All the

    Knowledge__kav and Knowledge__ka

    are not recognized.

    • I did a full OST refresh as well.
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