Java Heap Space Error when generating OST

Issue #118 duplicate
June Bischoff created an issue

I'm just getting set up in IntelliJ, so hopefully I have all the pieces in place correctly. I'm importing a project over from Eclipse, which appears to have worked successfully, but could potentially be part of the issue. Attempting to create a new project I run into the same issue, though.

For contents, I'm only selecting ApexClass, ApexPage, ApexTrigger, and CustomObject.

When I go to generate the OST, it cranks along for a while and eventually crashes with a little error popup that says "Java Heap Space". I've attached the idea.log

IC Build 20150921153312 IntelliJ IDEA 14.14.4 Build #IU-141.1532 JRE: 1.8.0_40-b26 x86

I've tried bumping the heap size in the settings where ever I could find it: Build, Execution, Deployment/Build Tools/Maven/Importing:VM Options for Importer = -Xmx2048m Build, Execution, Deployment/Compiler:Build process heap size = 2048 Build, Execution, Deployment/Compiler/ActionScript & Flex Compiler:Compiler heap size = 2048 Build, Execution, Deployment/Compiler/Java Compiler:Additional command line parameters = -Xmx2048m Tools/Web Services:Max VM Heap Size = 2048

Any help getting set up would be much appreciated!

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  1. Scott Wells repo owner

    Hi, June. Yeah, this is actually a duplicate of issue #68. I've had about 4-5 users hit this, so it's probably time to look into this a bit closer. Having said that, your instinct to increase the heap size is correct, but you have to increase it for IntelliJ IDEA's host process. Take a look in the IntelliJ IDEA bin directory and you'll see two files called idea.exe.vmoptions and idea64.exe.vmoptions. You're probably using the former if you're just launching the default shortcut for the IDE, but to be sure, bump the heap in both to something a bit higher. Try that and let me know if you don't get past this successfully.

  2. June Bischoff reporter

    Thank you for the heads up to the pointer to the correct setting! That got me up and running.

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