SFDX Auto Push on Save with Vim emulation

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Rob Sullivan created an issue

Hi Scott,

I've used IC for about a year (and totally love it!!!!) and I have just started using IC for SFDX. I run OS X and use Vim emulation in IntelliJ.

For traditional/non-SFDX deployment, files are automatically deployed to the server when saving files using the :w Vim command. But for SFDX, files are not auto pushed to server using :w.

Steps to replicate:

  • Modify file
  • Enter Vim command ":w" to save file
  • Nothing is pushed
  • Press Command-S
  • File is pushed

Comments (2)

  1. Scott Wells repo owner

    Rob, in order to provide deploy-on-save functionality reliably, IC includes its own overridden Save All action implementations. The Vim plugin likely also includes its own custom handler for :w, so unfortunately it's unlikely I'll be able to do the same thing there. That plugin would need to have some first-class extension mechanism for its custom save action. If the Vim plugin had some way to make :w use a custom action (and perhaps it does...I haven't looked yet), you could associate that with IC's custom Save All action and that would do it.

  2. Rob Sullivan reporter

    Thanks Scott,

    Using Command-S is just fine!

    For what it's worth, I did a little more testing:

    On a traditional metadata project, if the "Override Save All action" is disabled, both Command-S and Vim :w automatically Deploy Modified Metadata. With the Override enabled, Command-S deploys and :w does not.

    On a SFDX project, the only way to auto push is with Override enabled and Command-S.

    Maybe SFDX projects are monitoring file status differently than traditional projects?

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