Ability to select and delete outdated metadata ( not present on the ORG anymore)

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Nunzio Capasso created an issue

Hello Scott,

my proposal today is very simple and maybe relatively easy to implement.

This is actually been discussed a while ago but we may didn't realize that this functionality is basically already there.

I know that u can kinda easily resolve this by deleting the current files and retrieving them all again but when u got 10k files to re-download for each of the 5 ORG's , this operation can take very long time.

So i found out that if we use the delete Metadata function from the IC right click menu and in the next window select local only u can basically see all the outdated metadata!

So the only thing that is missing here is the ability to select them individually and a maybe a new button that gives us the ability to delete the selected files.

I also leave here the usual gif ( http://bit.ly/2GcdaIs ) :)

Thx, Nunzio.

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  1. Scott Wells repo owner

    Hi, Nunzio. As you've discovered, you can pretty much do this today by using the Delete Metadata action and adjusting the filters. I do this quite often. For others coming into this issue without context, I'll provide a bit.

    If you want to isolate the metadata that exists only locally and not in the server, configure as follows:


    If you want to isolate the metadata that exists only on the server and not locally, configure as follows:


    Note that on the former, there's currently no way to delete the local files from that dialog, so you'd just need to snapshot what it shows and then clean up your project. I could see making that more first-class. On the latter, though, you can just select the items you want removed from the server and IC will attempt to take care of it (as I'm sure you're well aware, removal from the server isn't always as straightfoward as it should be due to unknown/unexpected dependencies).

    I'll keep this enhancement open for opportunities to make this a more first-class operation. Thanks for logging!

  2. Nunzio Capasso reporter

    Thx Scott for the always quick and precise answer ,

    In the end , I really think that automating\simplifying this process could be a very nice add-on to the existing IC functionality and i hope that many other people could appreciate that.

  3. Gobius Dolhain

    There still seems to be no good way to remove all outdated metadata in a convenient way. We end up just deleting our entire /src folder and retrieving it completely again, since it’s faster than to check which file was removed, then closing the metadata retrieve popup, remembering which files to delete, then looking them up in a long list of files. Is there a way to just do “Retrieve metadata and remove local only files“ to keep the local metadata completely in sync with what’s on the server?

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