Show label value when using Quick Documentation

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Matej Mercina created an issue

As the title suggests, it would be very useful to also show Label value when using Quick Documentation feature, much like the details shown for Fields for example.

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  1. Scott Wells repo owner

    Matej, just for clarification, are you referring to the docs for standard fields, e.g., Account.AccountNumber, or custom fields? I ask because the former uses the documentation from Salesforce, and the latter has recently been enhanced to show most of the relevant field information, e.g.:




    It now includes the constraints, values for picklist fields, formula/default value rules when applicable, encryption scheme when applicable, etc., as well as the label. Note that you need to be on a recent build and you need to have regenerated your OST for this feature.

  2. Matej Mercina reporter

    Hi Scott.

    As always, incredible response time :). I've actually messed up, I should have said "Custom Labels" values. However, now that you mentioned it, the already implemented change that includes formula and picklist value data is truly amazing. It's only because I noticed this recently, I figured this could be done for Custom Labels as well.

    Best regards,

  3. Scott Wells repo owner

    Gotcha. So basically when you use quick doc on Label.labelName or $Label.[c.]labelName, show the actual label string. You know, this might also be a good candidate for another IDE feature where it "folds" the constant reference as the actual label string. It does that for message catalog keys in Java. Minimally the quick doc thing would be handy, but I might also implement the folding behavior, even if it's optional. Great suggestion!

  4. Scott Wells repo owner includes code folding support for custom label expressions:

    Added code folding support for custom label expressions in Apex, Visualforce, and Aura. When folded, the corresponding message catalog value is shown instead of the Label.<labelName>, $Label.<namespace>.<labelName>, or even {!$Label.<namespace>.<labelName>} expression, and is shown quoted as appropriate for the usage. This is disabled by default but can be enabled in Settings / Preferences > Editor > General > Code Folding under Apex > Custom labels (Apex | Visualforce/Aura).

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