Quick documentation lookup for Switch statement not working

Issue #1208 new
Brian Broughton created an issue

If you press Ctrl + Q while sitting on switch statement, documentation does not display.

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  1. Scott Wells repo owner

    Hi, Brian. What is under the cursor when you press Ctrl+Q? Is it an identifier or a keyword? If the former, that would be a bug. If you're looking for documentation on the switch statement itself based on the keyword, that's not something that's ever been implemented. It's a nice enhancement, for sure, though. Just trying to understand the nature of the request...

  2. Brian Broughton reporter

    Hi Scott,

    I was under the switch statement keyword when I hit Ctrl+Q. I do not use the quick documentation feature very often and just did not realize keywords are not supported. Obviously would be nice to have but definitely not a priority.

    Thanks for the quick response!


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