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Issue #1210 resolved
Justin Julicher created an issue

I liked how in intellij when editing java files you could easily press the shortcut key ctrl-shift-T or something similar to go to the associated test file.

It would be great to have the same functionality in IC defined 2 ways perhaps.

  1. If there is a file name MyClass.cls or MyTrigger.trigger a matching Test class would be 'MyClass.cls' and would go that way,.
  2. Introduce a ApexDoc annotation @Tests for both the Test file and class/trigger files so you can specify the tests. e.g.
  *  @author jjulicher, 
  *  @see RelatedClass
  *  @tests MyClassTest, 
public class MyClass {



  *  @author JJulicher
  *  @see RelatedClass
  *  @Tests MyClass, MyClass2 
public class MyClassTest {


In addition to this if you could at the file like you have done for the .meta-xml files to the sub-tab Source|Metadata as additional tabs that would be great so you could alt-shift-left/right to navigate between source & tests super quickly.

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  1. Scott Wells repo owner

    Justin, you can use the Go to Related action now to navigate between product classes and test classes. Note that Apex doesn't have user-defined annotations, though, so it's currently not possible to add an @Tests annotation to Apex in a way that would be recognized pervasively.

  2. Justin Julicher reporter

    Hi Scott,

    Sorry not sure if you mis-understood me. Didn't really mean 'Apex user defined annotations' but more along the lines of the @see documentation comment/annotation.

    Sorry if I wasn't clear about that in my examples. I've updated to include the @see and @author comments.

  3. Justin Julicher reporter

    Also, in Webstorm I don't seem to have the Go to Related functionality... perhaps thats an IntelliJ only function...


  4. Scott Wells repo owner

    Justin, that action is under Navigate>Related Symbol.... On Windows/Linux it's Ctrl+Alt+Home, and on Mac it's Ctrl+Cmd+Up.

    As for the doclet-style recommendation, that makes more sense. However, this is a situation where the IDE should be able to determine the relationship between production code and test code, and in fact it does right now, but only at the class-level, not at the method-level. Give Go To Related a try and see if it doesn't provide what you're wanting since it automatically determine what would be the manually-maintained values for @Tests.

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