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Þórður Þorsteinsson created an issue


We have recently started the process of switching our development methods to sfdx and Unmanaged Package2 setup. We use interdependent packages ex: Core package is used as a dependancy in a feature package

Right now Illuminated Cloud includes Apex Classes from package dependancies as always but shows no code and only class declarations. Now with Unmanaged Package2 metadata and code can be changed on whatever environment it's installed but needs to be updated eventually in the package itself to keep changes since upgrades will wipe the changes out.

I came across this post in the Package2 community in Salesforce which describes the problem:

Where minor changes needs to be made to base code inside an unmanaged package but as is Illuminated Cloud 2 only includes the code (even though it's fully changeable) in the OfflineSymbolTable

My proposal is considering the possibility on actually allowing us to pull the classes and modify and push again even though they are within an Unmanaged Package.

I do realise this seems to be a problem from the DeveloperConsole as well so i am not sure if this is realistic request at all

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  1. Scott Wells repo owner

    I believe what you're requesting is a duplicate of #1165 which would allow you to retrieve the source for Apex classes (and other metadata) from installed second-generation unlocked packages to manage as part of the project. Can you verify whether that's in fact the case or not? Thanks!

  2. Þórður Þorsteinsson reporter

    Yes this looks like the same thing :)

    Even the one that submitted the post on the success community is monitoring the progress so this is the same thank you

  3. Scott Wells repo owner

    I've been trying to get a clear answer from Salesforce on this topic. I just posted to the community thread. I know Dileep very well so hopefully he'll be able to help track down an answer that will allow me (and other tooling partners) to provide access to metadata from installed unlocked packages. I'll keep everyone posted on the #1165.

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