The offline symbol is not working properly, always getting "Cannot resolve symbol"

Issue #1246 resolved
Riadh Mankai created an issue

Hi, I fully generated the offline symbol many times, but for some reason I have issues with one particular project. The offline symbol is not recognizing many custom and standard objects and fields. Example are the standard Profile object, the Schema.sobjectType object, the standard Id, Name fields of standard and custom objects, keywords like System.Label, addError (in triggers), etc. I have red coloration, and when hover over I get "Cannot resolve symbol". I have the latest IC version ( Intellij version 2018.3 community edition. Thank you for your help.

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  1. Riadh Mankai reporter

    Any news on this issue? This is really a blocking point. One strange thing I noticed is that when I tried setting up the project for another connection (so another sandbox), things worked normally. So maybe there is something wrong with that sandbox in particular. I do have have all access rights (System Administrator) to all sandboxes I'm working on. Another useful info: I'm always setuping project from source control (git). Thanks for your help.

  2. Scott Wells repo owner

    Riadh, thanks for providing the log as it shows the issue:

    2019-03-04 07:53:33,524 [4457093]  ERROR - pplication.impl.LaterInvocator - Attempt to load 'C:\Users\NP13345\Documents\IlluminatedCloud\SFAPerso\IlluminatedCloud\Michelin_SFA_Perso\OfflineSymbolTable\META-INF\PicklistFieldValues.json' in memory buffer, file length is 21738536 bytes. 
    java.lang.RuntimeException: Attempt to load 'C:\Users\NP13345\Documents\IlluminatedCloud\SFAPerso\IlluminatedCloud\Michelin_SFA_Perso\OfflineSymbolTable\META-INF\PicklistFieldValues.json' in memory buffer, file length is 21738536 bytes.

    Yours is a slightly different variant on the problem described here, but take a look at these details for how to fix that issue:

    You just need to set an IDE property that restricts the maximum size of a file to be at least as large as the file PicklistFieldValues.json in bytes, in this case I would use 25000000.

    This should be a one-time thing. Unfortunately it's not something that Illuminated Cloud can/should automate for you, but that should resolve the issue for you.

    Sorry for the nuisance!

  3. Scott Wells repo owner

    Glad to hear, and so sorry that my response was delayed. I'm not sure how this slipped my notice for several days.

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