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Ryan Cox created an issue

A few days ago, deploying files to my dev org began taking almost 3 minutes.

2019-03-02 15:30 Deployment Complete: Deployed 1/1 components to survey demo org in 2 m 50 s 93 ms with status SUCCEEDED.

Is this a known issue right now? Is there something I can do on my end to help this?

Thanks -Ryan

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  1. Scott Wells repo owner

    Hi, Ryan. Yes, it seems that metadata API deployment queues are giving quite a few users trouble since Spring '19. The PM for tooling at Salesforce has requested that folks seeing issues with long deployments in any tool (IDE, command-line, etc.) contact him with details:

    In general he'll want the org and instance IDs and times when things were slow so they can correlate with their server logs.

  2. Scott Wells repo owner

    I'm going to resolve this as it's an underlying platform/API issue and not an IC issue. If you do find that IC is causing or contributing to the problem, feel free to reopen with details, but as I've worked with users on these long deployments, we find that IC is always polling the server waiting for completion of a queued deployment job and not actually doing anything itself.

  3. Scott Wells repo owner

    Philip, the best way to get to the bottom of this is to gather your org and instance IDs and IDs of long-running deployment/retrieval jobs and share them with Salesforce. They're actively debugging this issue on their side and are using real-world instances of it to assist in that process. Feel free to email me at with those details and I'll be happy to connect you with the right folks.

  4. Ryan Cox reporter

    This was the response I received: it looks like this delay could be due to the Apex Compile on Deploy setting being on in the org ( This is on by default and can't be disabled in production orgs. In Sandbox and Scratch orgs it can enabled/disabled optionally.

    This seems to be the issue. Deploy times are fine against a sandbox. But not against dev edition orgs because those are production orgs and this setting can’t be disabled.

  5. Scott Wells repo owner

    Ryan, I just checked my DE org (actually I checked several) and that is disabled by default:


    Can you check the same screen in your DE org?

  6. Ryan Cox reporter

    Yep, you're right Scott. My DE orgs show the same. The org where I'm having his issue is an SDO, spun up from a trialforce template. I thought these were DE orgs, but they're not, and it seems the trialforce template disabled this setting.

  7. Scott Wells repo owner

    I believe you can log a support case to have that disabled for you. You might try that.

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